Fog Cannons

While their primary purpose is dust suppression, fog cannons can also provide some cooling effect due to the fine mist they produce.

The water usage of a fog cannon depends on its size and settings, but they are designed to use water efficiently for dust suppression.

The spray distance of a fog cannon varies by model, but most can spray between 30 to 200 meters.

Yes, fog cannons are highly effective at controlling dust in large open areas. The fine mist binds with dust particles, causing them to settle on the ground.

og cannons are used in mining, construction sites, demolition areas, recycling plants, and any environment where dust suppression is needed.

A fog cannon works by forcing water through specialized nozzles at high pressure, creating a fine mist that can capture and settle dust particles from the air.

A fog cannon is a device that uses pressure water to create a fine fog or mist, often used for dust suppression in industrial and construction environments.