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Malta Gozo Agricultural Show

MISTEC Malta recently exhibited at the Gozo Agricultural Show, one of the islands in the Maltese Archipelago.

Primarily focused on agriculture, farmers and animal breeders it was an ideal opportunity to showcase the MISTEC portable misting fan I-Coolers.  These were positioned to help cool animal exhibits as well as the general public and wow, what a huge success the fans turned out to be.

It has always been well known and documented that the general public together with the farmers on the islands do suffer from the extreme heat in the Summer months and there is very much a need for a ‘green’ cooling system which would help reduce soaring temperatures, be environmentally friendly as well as and most importantly be cost effective !  The fact that the systems deter flies, mosquitoes, rats (rodents) and birds is a definite added bonus !  Interestingly and without a doubt this ‘new misting technology’ being introduced onto the islands by MISTEC Malta was given a BIG thumbs up and numerous leads from potential customers was generated over the 2 day exhibition.

The fact that the fans are cheap to run, both on power and water consumption, was a selling point on top of the fact that the surrounding temperatures were realistically dropped by 10°C and was duly witnessed by all who attended the show, including HE The President of Malta Dr George Vella and the Honourable Minister for Gozo, Dr Justyne Caruana.  HE The President even mentioned to the Exhibition Organiser, Mr Neville Mercieca, “These fans are very good” !  Wow what a great referral……..!

All in all a very good exhibition and one which we will have already reserved our space for next year !

Peter Boot

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