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Livestock Cooling

Livestock Cooling with Misting

Misting systems stand out as a premier solution for alleviating heat stress in livestock, subsequently boosting their productivity. Notably, these systems craft a cool, serene environment suitable for a diverse range of animals, including poultry, hogs, cattle, and horses. Moreover, the introduction of misting has been pivotal in diminishing mortality rates, fostering growth, elevating egg production, and refining breeding cycles.

Specifically, for broilers, layers, and breeders, misting plays a crucial role. It dramatically curtails stress and bolsters overall health. Consequently, this leads to heightened appetite and growth in broilers. Furthermore, in layers, one can witness a surge in egg count and enhanced quality of eggs. Breeders too reap the rewards, exhibiting invigorated activity and egg output.

Transitioning to the world of swine, farrowing sows witness discernible benefits from misting. Not only does their appetite receive a boost, but milk production also sees a notable increment, resulting in heavier litters upon weaning. Similarly, cows thrive under the cooling embrace of misting systems, displaying minimized heat stress and a spike in milk output.

In the realm of equestrian activities, misting systems are nothing short of revolutionary. They prove invaluable in conditioning and acclimating horses, prepping them to weather high temperatures during intense competitions. Hence, they can give their optimal performance, steering clear of any heat-associated complications.

Minimum Operating Costs

Easy installation, minimum maintenance and low energy consumption. There are many proven cost-effective uses for evaporative cooling that make it the preferred choice. The installation and operating cost of Misting Systems can be much lower than traditional air conditioning.


Increases egg, milk, and meat production

Reduces animal heat stress

Reduces water and energy consumption

Extends breeding period and growth rate

Results in cleaner, drier surroundings

Dust suppression and Odor control