Greenhouse Cooling

Greenhouse Cooling & Humidification by Misting

Misting systems, also known as fog systems, play a crucial role in controlling the climate inside greenhouses. These systems ensure ideal temperature and humidity levels through both forced and natural ventilation. During the hot summer months, the mist cools the greenhouse quickly through evaporative cooling, and also raises humidity levels if they are low. In the winter, the system helps maintain the right humidity level to prevent crops from dehydration due to heating. Misting systems are especially beneficial for delicate crops that can’t be treated with traditional spraying methods.

These systems operate at 1000 PSI (70 Bar) pressure and produce water droplets smaller than 5-10 microns in diameter. The tiny droplets linger in the air, creating a fog-like effect. This is especially helpful in arid regions where high temperatures and low humidity can be problematic for growers. When the greenhouse environment’s humidity drops below 30% RH, it can harm plants, and in some cases, slow or stop their growth. Misting systems can prevent these issues and maintain a optimal growing environment for plants.

Low Cost Systems

Our misting systems for greenhouse climate control offer a low-cost solution with low energy expenses and easy, quick installation options including D-I-Y kits and simple quick couplings. Our systems require minimal maintenance and provide a budget-friendly alternative to other climate control options.


Increased general productivity of the greenhouse

Speeds up plants growth

Keeping of constant humidity levels

Lower water consumption for the irrigation

Growing of a reproduction plants stock in the greenhouse

Suitable for chemical spreading (fertilizers, insecticides)

Less humidity need

The correct micro-climate in any season

Less shading needed