Commercial Cooling

Commercial Cooling with Misting

Firstly, business owners aiming to make their outdoor dining spots the go-to place often face a common challenge: the blazing heat. However, there’s a solution on the horizon. With MISTEC misting systems, those once-hot patios can transform into cool hangouts, even on the warmest days.

People have always loved eating outside. In fact, there’s something special about enjoying food in the fresh air. But, too much heat can quickly spoil that experience. That’s where MISTEC’s misting systems step in. They can drop the heat by up to 10-12°C, thus letting folks eat, chat, and relax without feeling overheated.

Moreover, no matter the place – a busy outdoor cafe, a quiet gazebo, or a big patio – MISTEC’s systems fit right in. Designed to be easy to set up, they can be modified to work perfectly for any spot. For instance, while some places might prefer mist lines, others might lean towards fans, and yet others might want both. Regardless, MISTEC has the right answer.

Importantly, the decision to invest in MISTEC’s systems isn’t just about immediate comfort. For those wondering about the return on investment, a detailed analysis on the payback time of a commercial patio misting system can be found here.

In conclusion, it’s not only about keeping cool. After all, when places are comfortable, they attract more visitors. And when more people come, businesses tend to thrive. So, by integrating MISTEC’s cooling solutions, businesses are not just enhancing comfort but also setting the stage for increased profits.

Cooling Principle

Our misting systems cool outdoor spaces using evaporative cooling. High-pressure pumps force water through specially designed nozzles, creating a fine mist of droplets under 10 microns. These droplets absorb heat from the air, evaporating into water vapor and releasing the heat energy. This process cools the air, similar to the chill felt when a breeze hits your skin. Our systems are efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning.



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