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Humidification with Misting

Moisturize using high pressure fogging is applicable to any field, whether it is an open space, indoors or hydration in the duct. Flexibility of the system allows its use in any desired form, with much smaller investments, as compared to conventional techniques of humidification.

Benefits of humidified air

Many industries require the maintenance of the required level of relative humidity in living and working areas for a comfortable location is required to maintain the humidity at 40-60%. Humidified air contains less dust and static electricity. This improves the quality of products in printing, textile , wood, tobacco, brewing, tanning industries. Humidified air reduces losses during storage of vegetables in the production of eggs and poultry breeding , when growing plants in greenhouses , with wine storage in barrels , increases the reliability of equipment in computer rooms. In the living and working areas humidification can improve human well-being, increase productivity, reduce the number of respiratory diseases.

Economic indicators misty moisture

The principle of high pressure mist humidification used in systems, allows you to quickly raise and maintain the humidity in the premises of any size. Fogging systems allow humidify the air with very low energy consumption per 1 kg of evaporated water – up to 100 times lower in comparison with steam humidifiers, up to 10 times lower in comparison with ultrasonic humidifiers and up to 7 times lower in comparison with vacuum nozzles. Fogging High pressure nozzles are cheaper than vacuum injector, wherein the injector further introduced into finished humidification system without significant cost. In general, the cost of installing misting systems is below 1.5-2 times and lower operating costs 8-10 times, due to the lack of powerful and voracious air compressors, fewer pipelines, fast and qualitative hydration. And pumps technology VAR can respond to changes in water consumption by increasing or decreasing the speed, saving energy and water.

Technical characteristics

Misting nozzles can spray 2.76 to 12.12 liters of water per hour each in the form of millions of tiny water droplets that evaporate quickly into the air. The standard nozzle humidification system should be evenly distributed throughout the room or space for uniform wetting. On the basis of a system of high pressure mist easily create multiple zones with separate humidification electronically controlled via an electronic control unit with humidity sensor. We strongly recommend the use of filtration systems and water treatment system before it enters the high-pressure misting, including membrane or reverse osmosis water softening system. This will keep dusting to a minimum and significantly extend the life of injectors.