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Cloud Forest at “Gardens by the Bay” in Singapore

Who would have thought in a massive heaving city one would find a real life flower dome, a cloud forest, award winning cooled conservatories, iconic super trees and vertical gardens ? Nature at its best……..breathtakingly beautiful, spectacular scenes, mesmerising and awe inspiring, nothing prepares you for what it is in reality. MISTEC Misting Technologies helped create this.

These have to see incredible exhibitions mimic a real life mountain with a tropical rain forest only found at heights of 3000m plus where these type of forests are persistently blanketed in mist and fog. Housed within a 58-metre high columnless glass dome, the attraction highlights the fragility of the world’s Cloud Forest. To view them, you would need to travel to the inaccessible reaches of Central and South America, the Caribbean or Africa – or you could visit the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

The plants at the Cloud Forest thrive in a man-made natural environment by getting “watered” through an automated misting system every 2 hours. With humidity and temperature probes situated within the dome itself, set parameters of humidity and temperature ensure this natural phenomena survives no matter what the weather is outside. When this mist cascades down from the top of the mountain it’s like you are in a scene from Jurassic Park or Avatar.

The world’s tallest indoor waterfall dares visitors to brave the mist for a picture at its base. Follow the path and make your way around the lush, green plant-covered mountainside – this is the Cloud Forest mountain that you will be ascending. Don’t be alarmed. There is no need to climb the mountain on foot. A lift waits to take you up to the 6th level and from there, you only need to ascend one level to the summit.

It is also a chance to view to view the epiphytes that cover the exterior of the mountain. Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants rather than on soil. Counted among their ranks are mosses and orchids, only found growing in very moist environments and only in cloud forests where they get their endless supply of water from the water vapour in the air. From the heights of the mountain, exit Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest through a ravine filled with moisture-loving plants.

Throughout the experience, the lush greenery and cool freshness of the mist can almost make you forget that you’re actually in such a densely populated city……….THANK-YOU MISTEC Misting Technologies for making this all a reality !