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Introducing Our Outdoor Mosquito Defense System with “Moskito Terminator” Pump

Our outdoor mosquito defense system offers reliable protection against mosquitoes. At the core of this system is our high-pressure pump, the “Moskito Terminator.” This pump meets stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring a dependable mosquito defense misting system.

The “Moskito Terminator” pump delivers an impressive flow rate of up to 6 liters per minute. It can easily handle 5 to 55 nozzles (50Hz) or 7 to 66 nozzles (60Hz). Making it suitable for systems with perimeters of up to 200 meters (650ft).

Equipped with top-quality components such as stainless steel pistons, anodized aluminum headsand durable seals, the pump ensures smooth operation and long-lasting reliability.

Additionally, the pump features a built-in digital timer, providing full control over the misting system’s efficiency. By adjusting the mist spray frequency, you can optimize water and energy consumption, potentially saving up to 70% compared to standard systems. The integrated timer and professional dosing pump offer programming flexibility, making it effortless to dispense the right amount of insect repellents daily.

Our QES electrical motors guarantee efficient performance with low power consumption and minimal noise.

Choose our outdoor mosquito defense system with the “Moskito Terminator” pump for effective mosquito control, durability, and efficient resource management. Bid farewell to mosquitoes and enjoy bite-free outdoor spaces.