Brass Drain Valve 10/24 UNC

Our drain valves allow you to drain water and reduce pressure from the system line in a cost-effective way. This is a great way to keep your line misting system running smoothly and avoid issues like clogged nozzle heads ( mineral buildup ) . Moreover draining water from the line helps to prevent freezing and saves you from costly repairs.

The body of the drain valve contains a ball and spring that open and close the valve, depending on the pressure of the misting system. When pressure increases, the ball is pushed against the opening, stopping the liquid from flowing. When the pressure decreases, the spring pushes the ball away and allows the water to flow out.

Installing a drain valve at the lowest point of the system is essential, as this will allow gravity to move the liquids towards the valve for easier draining. Our drain valves work well with both high and low pressure misting systems, with different spring strengths included for maximum performance.

If you’re looking for a quality drain valve that offers superior performance even in the toughest environments, then our valves are the perfect choice.

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