Fog Cannon Demolitor 10


This Fog Cannon is compact and a efficient solution for controlling dust and odors in industrial applications. Equipped with all necessary components and superior control it has minimal energy and water consumption. It has a throw distance of 10 to 12 meters.
Our Light Duty Fog Cannon is a easy and efficient way to control and reduction of dust and odors. With a low energy and water consumption these compact machines. You can easly move them to different locations. Making them an ideal solution for demolition / scrap yards, crushing plants, recycling facilities, road / excavation works and steel mills. The all-inclusive proposal for the Light Duty line machines includes a pump, filtration and a user-friendly control panel. Simply connect the machines to electricity and water supply for a powerful and efficient fog system.

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Theoretical throw distance: 10-12 m
Nominal fan power: 0,750 Kw 200 Volts 50Hz
Water pump: 0,750 KwVolts 50Hz
Water consumption (with 10 gph nozzles):
Pressure: minimum 0,5 bar