Fog Cannon MT-WLP700

This HD Dust Suppression Cannon is specifically to function efficiently in rugged environments such as mines, quarries, steelworks and tunnels. The HD range is well-known for its sturdy construction and steel-aluminum fans, which ensure exceptional power and efficiency. This cannon has a remarkable throwing distance of 60 to 70 meters.

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This HD Dust Suppression Cannon works in severe conditions in quarries, mines, tunnels, demolition work and steel mills. It can control the environment in large areas. With a multi-row atomisation crown system and stainless steel nozzles the cannon allows a maximum efficiency by regulating the water amount. Exceptional performance by the sturdy structure with steel and aluminum fans that tackle dust and debris with ease. The HD range of the cannon system provides exceptional power, performance and flexibility of use.

  • Throw distance: 60-70 m
  • Capable of performing in extreme conditions
  • Galvanized iron base for effortless positioning (MT-WLP 700 Pole)
  • Mobile cart with large wheels for smooth movement on rough terrain (MT-WLP 700 Trailer)
  • Highly efficient
  • Stainless steel multistage water pump
  • Adjustable water flow rate
  • Freely settable rotation angle
  • Labor management with time break feature
  • Stainless steel water filter
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • Compatibility with centralized management software
  • Rings of nozzles: N. 3
  • Number of nozzles: 150 (n. 50 for ring)
  • Type nozzles: Standard Stainless Steel
  • Nominal fan power: ~ 11 kW
  • Range of rotation: 340°
  • Elevation: -20° ÷ +45°
  • Hydraulic connection: 1 ½ gas M
  • Electrical connection: 400 V 50 Hz 3P+N+G 32 A
  • International protection rating: IP 55
  • Noisiness: < 93 Lwa
  • Water Filter/Filtration Grade: Inox – 250 Micron
  • Water consumption (with 5, 10 and 15 gph nozzles):
  • Pressure: Recommended 10/15 bar – maximum 35 bar
  • Optional: radio – solenoid valve input – pump on board (Power: ~ 4 kW)

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