Fog Cannon MT-WLP718 TANK


Our custom systems are optimized to meet our clients unique requirements. An example is the Cannon MT-WLP718 with a mounted generator and tank, which can operate autonomously for increased efficiency. This custom system is designed to deliver efficient and effective performance for our client’s specific application.

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We specialize in creating custom systems that meet our clients specific requirements. One recent example is our installation of a Dust Suppression Cannon MT-WLP718 with a mounted generator and tank, capable of operating autonomously for increased efficiency. Our versatile cannons can also be mounted on columns or walls using specially designed supports, providing adaptability for various applications. Our experienced engineers and designers offer custom and modified standard products to meet our clients’ needs, with a focus on delivering high-quality and reliable systems tailored to their unique requirements.

  • Throw distance: 80-90 m
  • Suitable for working in extreme conditions
  • Base in galvanized iron for easy positioning ( MT-WLP 718 Pole )
  • Machine on cart with large wheels section for easy movement on rough terrain ( MT-WLP 718 Trailer )
  • High efficiency
  • Water pump multistage stainless steel
  • Variable water flow rate
  • Angle of rotation can be set freely
  • Time break labor management
  • Water filter stainless steel
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • Ready for centralized management software
  • Weight: 760kg
  • Range of rotation: 340°
  • Elevation: -20° ÷ +45°
  • Theorical throw distance: 80-90m
  • Installed power: 18,5 kW
  • Pump (optional): 4 kW – 7,5 kW
  • Power supply: 3P+T 63A 400 Volts 50 Hz
  • Pressure: min 5 bar, recommended 10-15 bar max 35 bar
  • Protection rating: IP 55
  • Noise level: < 93 Lwa
  • Nozzles: 150, standard Acciaio Inox
  • Crowns: 3
  • Water filter: 200 micron, Inox
  • Water consuption – 4kW (5-10-15 GPH):

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