Misting Fan with Tank 36″ (90cm)

Heavy Duty Misting Fan, equipped with a high-pressure misting pump, integral filtration system and a tank. Available in oscillating and non-oscillating versions mounted on a mobile rolling cart.

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This system is a robust cooling solution, adeptly designed to deliver optimal misting in challenging environments and conditions.

The Pump: A potent 0.5 GPM (1.90 LPM) misting pump, operating consistently at 1000 PSI (70 bar), ensuring a steady and refreshing mist output.

The Filter :Engineered with a built-in filtration system to effectively minimize nozzle clogs and maintain a pure, uninterrupted mist flow.

The Tank: Incorporating a substantial 50-gallon water tank, facilitating an extended operational span and persistent mist delivery.

The Rolling Cart: Featuring a durable, rolling cart with 4 sturdy wheels, providing the advantage of effortless mobility and strategic placement.

Different Versions: Availability in both oscillating and non-oscillating versions to accommodate varying directional and spatial cooling requirements. Compatible with any Satellite Fan

Stand-Alone System: A comprehensive, ready-to-run system, necessitating no additional components for operation.

Through methodical engineering, the system emerges as a paramount cooling apparatus, efficiently merging intensive mist production, operational longevity and versatile mobility. Thereby proficiently serving various industrial and commercial needs.

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