Portable Misting Fan 36″ (90cm)

High-Velocity 36” Fan with 10-nozzle Stainless Steel Misting Rings, powered by a continuous duty .25 GPM High-Pressure Misting Pump mounted on a mobile rolling base.

Presenting the 36″ High-Velocity Fan, a blend of cooling and advanced misting, adeptly tailored for commercial and industrial environments.

Optimized Air Flow: The fan generates a strong, directed airflow, efficiently cooling large and active spaces with ease.

Precision Misting: A 10 Nozzles Stainless Steel Misting Rings uniformly distribute a fine, evaporative mist. Cooling extensive areas effectively.

Continuous Cooling: A Heavy Duty High-Pressure Misting Pump ensures persistent, stable cooling at 1000 PSI and .25 GPM.

Movable Convenience: The fan which is mounted on a Rolling Base allows a easy, hassle-free relocation to essential cooling areas.

Versatile Application: Effectively cooling various settings, the fan excels in indoor and outdoor environments like workshops and patios.

Experience the harmony of efficient airflow and meticulous misting with our 36” Fan, expertly designed to offer cooling sanctuary in broad commercial and industrial spaces, assuring effortless mobility and steadfast performance.

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