Misting Kit “Nylon”

Introducing our Nylon Misting Kit, a cost-effective and effortless solution for creating high-pressure misting systems. Our kit includes all necessary accessories for easy installation and provides flexibility with multiple fog points. Built with durable Nylon material for long-lasting performance. ( misting pump unit required )
Our Nylon Misting Kit is the ultimate solution for creating professional high-pressure misting systems for cooling, humidification and other applications. These misting systems are an economic and simple way to create a cooling system that meets all of your needs. Our Nylon Misting Kits come with all the accessories you need, including end of line plugs and “T” fittings, to easily install a complete misting system with just a water connection and an electrical outlet. (Please note a misting pump unit is required for installation.) With the ability to create multiple separate fog points from the same system, our Nylon Misting Kits offer versatility and flexibility for your misting setup. Made of durable, rust-free Nylon material, our kits will provide long-lasting performance. Create a professional misting system for cooling and humidification with ease using our Nylon Misting Kits.

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