Misting Kit “Stainless Steel”

Our Stainless Steel Misting Kit offers an economic and simple solution to create a professional, high-pressure misting system for cooling, humidification, and more. The rust-free material and easy installation make it a durable and versatile choice. ( a misting pump unit is required )

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The Misting Kit in Stainless Steel is the perfect solution for creating professional, high-pressure misting systems for cooling, humidification and other applications. These misting systems are an economic and simple way to create a cooling system that meets all of your needs. The accessories included in the KIT, when combined with a pump module, allow for the easy installation of a complete system. ( A pump unit is required to install a full working system. ) With the use of end of line plugs and “T” fittings, multiple separate fog points can be created from the same system, providing versatility and flexibility to your misting setup. These kits are made of stainless steel material, which is rust-free and long-lasting. With the help of this kit, you can easily create your misting system for cooling and humidification with professional standards.

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