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Misting pump 70bar – 1000psi from 5 to 60 nozzles 230V-50Hz or 60Hz

Experience the ultimate in professional misting systems with our high-pressure pumps. Designed with the highest quality and safety standards in mind, these pumps are perfect for any application, with flow rates ranging from 0.5 to 5 liters/min. and single-phase power supply. Our digital cyclic timer feature (available in “Time” versions only) provides optimal control and efficiency, allowing for direct adjustments to the frequency of mist spray. This results in significant savings of up to 70% on water and energy consumption when compared to standard systems. The variable-speed motors also allow for the creation of independent misting areas.


  • heavy-duty high pressure pump
  • 3 ceramic plungers, brass head
  • working pressure 70 bar
  • built-in bypass and drain with water tank (BPS)
  • safety valve
  • glycerin filled pressure gauge
  • in line mounte solenoid 30V-50Hz d high pressure valve 2
  • heavy duty industrial motor ventilated
  • three-phase 2 , 300- RPM HP 1450
  • ON-OFF switch
  • cyclic digital timer
  • weatherproof s.steel skid cover on antivibration rubber feet
  • equipped with 1.5 kW single-ph to three-ph inverter – Soft start
  • low noise
  • automatic variable flow rate
  • can operate several nozzle lines
  • automatic switch-off if all line are closed
  • automatic switch-off if dry running is detected
  • automatic switch-off if no pressure (leakage) is detected
  • automatic switch-on if at least one line is opened
  • automatic switch-off if motor overheats
  • manufactured in compliance with regulations

BPS: all units are equipped with By-Pass System (built-in by-pass valve), recirculating the water inside the pump, lowering overheating risk. Fog systems driven by BPS fog pumps do not require any drain valves to empty the pipeline so that no water is wasted on the ground.
TIME: all units supplied with digital timer allow to modulate the operation of the system, regulating the mist spray according to day–night cycles and therefore saving energy and water, obtaining an optimal ambient temperature.

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120V/60Hz, 220V/60Hz, 230V/50 Hz, Other

Flow Rate (Output)

0.5 LPM / 0.13 GPM – 2.5 LPM / 0.66 GPM, 1.0 LPM / 0.26 GPM – 5.0 LPM / 1.32 GPM

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