Misting Pump “PREMIUM”

Upgrade to our professional high pressure pumps for cost-effective misting systems that deliver top-notch performance. Suitable for small and medium misting systems, these pumps offer flow rates ranging from 0.6 to 6 liters per minute and are powered by single-phase motors. High quality components such as ceramic pistons, brass head, and long-lasting professional seals ensure reliability and longevity. Get the same performance and quality standards of heavy-duty professional high pressure pumps at an affordable cost.


Pressure 70bar / 1000psi
Flow Rate 0.6lpm to 6lpm / 0.16gpm to 1.59gpm
Number of Nozzles 4 to 75 nozzles

* Nozzles Orifice 0.20mm / 0.008″
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  • professional high pressure pump
  • 7 perating pressure 0 bar
  • 3 ceramic pistons, brass head
  • pressure regulating valve, buil by pass, t-in
  • glycerine pressure gauge filled
  • in line mounted solenoid 230V-50Hz valve
  • industrial electrical motor with thermal overload
  • 230V 1450 RPM,2 2 HP air cooled, .
  • ON-OFF switch
  • pressure switch to prevent dry running
  • weather proof and frame painted steel cover
  • antivibrating rubber feet
  • noise level: 60 dB(A) (average)
  • manufactured in compliance with CE regulation

QES: units supplied with QES low noise motors (Quiet Engine System)  offer low consumption and ensure great reliability.

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120V/60Hz, 220V/60Hz, 230V/50 Hz, Other

Flow Rate (Output)

0.6 LPM / 0.16 GPM, 1.0 LPM / 0.26 GPM, 2.0 LPM / 0.53 GPM, 3.0 LPM / 0.78 GPM, 4.0 LPM / 1.06 GPM, 6.0 LPM / 1.59 GPM