Misting Pump “POLARIS-HT”

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Misting pump 70bar – 1000psi from 8 to 130 nozzles 230V or 120V – 50 or 60Hz

These series of professional high pressure pumps are the suitable solution with high quality and safety standards to build professional misting and humidification systems with flow rates ranging from 1 up to 6 l/min with single phase electric motor.

All the components used in these series include high quality and best materials assuring trouble less operation and long durability. Our built-in digital timer offers full control of the efficiency of the fogging system by direct adjustment of the frequency of mist spray. A built-in humidity and temperature controller grants a complete control on environment conditions and a quick and simple installation of humidification systems.Heavy-duty pumps at the most competitive prices

  • professional 70 bar pump, brass head high pressure
  • 3 ceramic plungers heavy duty coated
  • safety valve
  • glycerin filled pressure gauge
  • 2 in line mounted solenoid 230V-50Hz
  • heavy duty industrial motor 1 HP, 2 HP, 1450 RPM, self ventilated
  • thermal overload protection
  • ON-OFF switch
  • pressure switch to protect pump against dry running
  • SSC safety pressure switch (automatic shutdown with broken pipe)
  • wheatherproof s and plastic – teel cover on anti vibration rubber feet
  • noise level: 60 dB(A) (average)
  • humidity (RH%) and temperature* signal sockets (probes are not included)
  • built-in humidistat (5-95% RH range, 1% sensitivity)
  • built-in digital thermostat for PT-100 probes
  • built-in programmable digital timer TIME 2.0 (on/off cycles + clock)
  • internal drain tank with BPS water cooling
  • manufactured in compliance with CE regulation

BPS: all units are equipped with By-Pass System (built-in by-pass valve), recirculating the water inside the pump, lowering overheating risk. Fog systems driven by BPS fog pumps do not require any drain valves to empty the pipeline so that no water is wasted on the ground.
QES: units supplied with QES low noise motors (Quiet Engine System) offer low consumption and ensure great reliability.
TIME 2.0: all units supplied with advanced digital timer 2.0 allow to modulate the operation of the system, regulating the mist spray according to existing environment conditions and therefore saving energy and water.
SSC: System Safety Control shuts down the pump in the event of the pressure dropping below 40 bar preventing flooding caused by broken tubing. It also prevents pump from dry running. Areliable solution for 24H safe operating systems.

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120V/60Hz, 220V/60Hz, 230V/50 Hz, Other

Flow Rate (Output)

1.0 LPM / 0.26 GPM, 2.0 LPM / 0.53 GPM, 3.0 LPM / 0.78 GPM, 4.0 LPM / 1.06 GPM, 6.0 LPM / 1.59 GPM

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