Misting Pump “MOSKITO-T”

Misting pump 50bar – 700psi max. line length: 200 m / 650 ft up to 55/66 nozzles 230V 50Hz or 120V 0Hz

EN – These series of professional high pressure pumps are the suitable solution with high quality and safety standard for all requirements to build professional misting systems with flow rates up to 6 l/minwith single phase electricmotor.

High quality components like S.Steel pistons, anodized aluminum head, long lasting professional seals, assure smooth operation anda long-lasting reliability.Our built-in digital timer offers full control of the efficiency of the misting system by direct adjustment of the energy consumption with savings up to 70% if compared to standard systems.

It is the ideal pump for dispensing insect repellents with integrated timer and great programming flexibility. Dosing the the right repellent quantity per day has never been easier. QES electrical motors assure the full efficiency with lowest power consumption and lownoise operation. Heavy-duty pumps atmost competitive prices.

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High-performance professional high pressure misting pump systems, perfect for building professional misting systems. With flow rates up to 6 L/min and single phase electric motors, these misting pumps are constructed with high-quality components such as stainless steel pistons and anodized aluminum heads for long-lasting reliability. Built-in digital timer for precise control of misting system, saving up to 70% on water and energy consumption. Ideal for dispensing insect repellents, energy-efficient QES electrical motors for low noise operation. Get heavy-duty professional high pressure misting pumps at competitive prices.

  • professional pump, 50 bar high pressure
  • anodized aluminum head
  • 3 plungers heavy duty S.Steel
  • pressure regulating valve
  • inlet valve solenoid 230V-50Hz
  • inlet check valve
  • heavy duty industrial motor single phase 0 HP 1450 self ventilated , 2. , RPM,
  • thermal overload protection
  • ON-OFF switch
  • professional dosing pump
  • built-in programmable digital timer TIME 2.0 (on/off cycles with clock)
  • S.STEEL housing on antivibration rubber feet
  • inlet: 10 mm – outlet: high pressure 1/4’’ for PA pipes
  • low noise level: 60 dB(A) (average)
  • manufactured in compliance with regulations

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